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Why You Should See a Podiatrist

Leigh Birchley, Pod Podiatry’s principal podiatrist, tells us why you should see a Podiatrist in this informative Body & Soul magazine article. Our feet may be the furthest thing from our head but their health shouldn’t be the furthest thing from our mind. Pay attention to them now to prevent pain later. By Katie Hendry […]

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Nail Fungus Laser Treatment

Pod Podiatry Clinic uses the latest in medical laser technology to treat fungal nails. You’ll be amazed by the results …we can completely get rid of your toenail fungus!           Did you know that it is estimated that as many as 10% of the adult population in Australia have at least […]

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Children’s Foot Problems

Pod Podiatry Clinic is Sydney’s leading children’s foot pain clinic. We treat foot and leg pain, nail and skin conditions, foot structure and gait abnormalities in the growing child. We prescribe orthotics where needed, offer and school and sports shoe advice. Do you have concerns about your child’s feet or walking and running style? Is […]

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Foot Function and Back Pain

At Pod Podiatry Clinic, we can relieve your back pain by treating your foot problems. Podiatrists have long recognised the potential link between foot function and back pain.  Such a link makes sense, as the feet form the base of the bodies overall posture.  We know that excessive pronation (flat feet) causes the hip joints to rotate internally […]

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Heel Pain Treatments

Pod Podiatry Clinic provides specialist heel pain treatments. Heel pain is a very common foot problem with the sufferer usually feeling pain under the heel (heel spur syndrome or plantar fasciitis), or at the back of the heel where the Achilles tendon connects to the heel bone (Achilles tendonitis). There are 26 bones in the […]

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